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Is there anything more dangerous than a woman who knows her worth? While not the main focus of this episode, I find myself intrigued by Danielle’s description of men’s reactions to her videos.

Danielle addresses confidence, the investing gap, and some smart strategies to turn discounts into investments in the episode Invest With D.

She outlines her purpose of empowering women, providing information, and sharing how to get great deals.  However, she also tells the darker tale of trying to encourage others.  She explored how some comments, mostly from men, tried to dissuade her from sharing information. Danielle mentions hearing everything from “This is why a man won’t want you” to “This is completely false.”  Is a woman’s self-assurance and independence so dangerous that they must be muffled or stifled? Well, that’s not holding Invest with D back, and I am excited about that!  Not only did Danielle push me to engage more in my financial freedom, but she also inspired me to invest in my own growth and development. So go to her social media profiles and send her positive energy. Until next time!

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Episode:Invest With D

Liz’s Episode Takeaways

  • Find the little opportunities to invest big!
  • Haters are fuel, not a decelerate.
  • You have to invest in yourself; you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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