Empathable – DEI Empathy Training Mixing Science and Heart

As CEO of Empathable, Micah J. Wonjoon Kessel designs experiences for human flourishing. As Design Lead at Bias and Emotions research labs at Harvard and Northeastern Pysch, his emotion-centered approach to experiential design is informed by performing at the Metropolitan Opera as a child. This was followed by consulting on empathic experiences for the Finnish Government, Google, Disney, the Diabetes Fund, and creating the world’s top escape rooms, according to TripAdvisor. 

Empathable.com is winner of the Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Fund Award, and creates empathy by allowing participants to walk in the shoes of difference at high impact and high scale. This approach is informed by his work in the lab’s of two of the world’s most prominent social scientists: at Northeastern’s emotion’s research lab with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, and at Harvard Psychology, for the implicit bias research lab of Dr. Mahzarin Banaji. Micah speaks English, German, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, and some French. He enjoys lecturing on the topic of experience and empathy.

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