How To Be A Friend To Your Library

photograph of a library building

photograph of a library building
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Cindy from Friends of Silas Bronson joined me on Coffee and Convos to discuss the vital importance of supporting local libraries. As she pointed out, library staff provide invaluable resources which go beyond checking out books; they are committed community activists, offering everything from online learning classes to workshops. They are the backbone of our society, providing a safe and free space for people of all ages to inform, converse, and express themselves. It was a pleasure to hear her enthusiasm and passion for this topic, and it served as a reminder that we should lend our support wherever possible. To help ensure the long-term success of local libraries, Cindy encouraged us to get involved by volunteering or becoming members of Friends of Silas Bronson – an organization dedicated to supporting the library. By working together, we can create positive change in our communities, improve access to public services, and generate meaningful conversation while ensuring that libraries remain a pillar of support in an ever changing world.

About the Friends of Silas Bronson Library (Fundraising Entity) and how to support or get involved: 

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