Confidential Conversation, More Than An App.

Mental health is an often overlooked topic, but it’s one that affects all of us in some way. For Nisha Lehmann, the founder of Confidential Conversations, mental health has been a huge part of her life and led to the creation of an app that encourages people to talk about and support each other in their struggles. On this episode of Coffee and Convos, Nisha takes us on her journey as she discusses why mental health conversations are so important and how technology is helping to bring them to the forefront. Join us on an insightful conversation as we learn more about Nisha and the power of connecting through mental health.

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My name is Nisha Lehmann and I am a mobile developer by day.  By night, I am a staunch advocate for better mental health.  The idea I want to share is an app that addresses the gaping holes that exist in the current mental health process.  Having dealt with a barrage of mental health issues during my career, I witnessed first hand the stigma that accompanies poor mental health and how this can further detriment your current situation. The hope is that this app will accomplish some of that, but in the larger sense, create a global community for mental health strugglers to meet, share and learn. 

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